2011-03-29 blue-grey-logoWhite Plains, NY April 29, 2015 – New York School for the Deaf, also known as Fanwood, is proud to announce the appointment of Dr. Ronald J. Stern as the Interim Executive Director, effective August 3, 2015.

The Board of Trustees has engaged Dr. Stern to lead the School through a significant transitional time in the education of deaf and hard of hearing children. Dr. Stern is a renowned leader in Deaf Education and brings with him an extensive knowledge, appreciation and understanding of deaf, hard of hearing and hearing education. He earned his BA at Gallaudet University and his Masters degree in Education of the Deaf from California State University at Northridge. He currently serves as the Superintendent and Chief Executive Officer at the New Mexico School for the Deaf in Santa Fe and has for the past fifteen years. Prior to that, Dr. Stern was the Director of Instruction at California School for the Deaf in Fremont, California for ten years. He also served as the Director of Athletics at Gallaudet University before his service at CSD.

Dr. Stern, has presented extensively and is a recognized authority in the field of deaf and hard of hearing education. His understanding and support for the mission of education of the deaf at the elementary, secondary and higher education levels will be invaluable at New York School for the De2013RSternaf. His commitment to the needs of marginalized students including those from diverse racial, ethnic and linguistic communities from underprivileged or under-represented backgrounds and the needs of students with additional disabilities will help us chart the future of education for our students at Fanwood.

Dr. Stern has been involved in many civic and professional organizations and is held in high regard throughout the field.   He served as the President of the Conference of Educational Administrators of Schools and Programs for the Deaf (CEASD) and currently serves on their Board.   Additionally, he serves on the Advisory Board of Gallaudet University’s Visual Language and Visual Learning Center.

Alexis Kashar, President of the Board of Trustees, stated “Dr. Stern is a proven leader in the field, and his commitment to education, experience, and knowledge will be invaluable to us during this transitional time at New York School for the Deaf. Additionally, as a member of a multigenerational deaf family, he will also be an outstanding role model for our children. We are grateful that Dr. Stern has agreed to taking on this role.”

In a message from Dr. Stephen Weiner, Vice President of the Board of Trustees, he noted “Dr. Stern’s eminent leadership at three different schools demonstrates his commitment to student-centered excellence which continues to reverberate everywhere today.   NYSD is at a critical juncture and, as one who cherishes this venerable institution, I consider Dr. Stern’s appointment as a watershed moment in the storied history of this school.”

Dr. Stern will lead the School and as part of his responsibilities, he will guide the Board of Trustees in finding a permanent Head of school to take us to 200 years and beyond.

Dr. Stern and his wife, Hedy, will relocate to New York in July and he will take on his new responsibilities on August 3, 2015.   He and his wife have three children and three grandchildren.

We welcome Ron and Hedy Stern to our Fanwood Family.

One thought on “Fanwood Announces Interim Executive Director

  1. What a joyful occasion! Fanwood is my dad’s alma mater along with so many Deaf leaders. The school has been needing a shift that honors the strides and research that scientists and advocates have been showing us. Deaf infants and young children need, above all else, is a visual native language to succeed in society.

    Ron, we are all rooting for you. Hope Fanwood will soon reclaim its illustrious place in the history of the Deaf Community

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