IMG_9806Recently, NYSD’s Boys To Men Character Education group welcomed guest speaker, over 20 year police veteran, Detective David Clarke of the Mount Vernon Police Department. Detective Clarke led a discussion about cyber bullying and how to students should conduct themselves on social media platforms, especially since colleges and employers take personal profiles into consideration when making decisions.

The underlying theme of the presentation was respect; the importance of conducting yourself with respect towards everyone in your school and community.

Detective Clarke also spoke to the students about the importance of behaving respectfully and appropriately when interacting with police. He stressed the importance of always carrying their Student IDs in order to let police officers know that they are deaf or hard of hearing to to avoid any misunderstandings.

Thank you so much to Detective Clarke for taking the time to discuss these important life issues with our students and for being a positive role model for them.  Also, thank you to John T. IMG_9728Bojko, and TD Bank.  As you may know, Boys To Men has received grants through the TD Bank Charitable Foundation to cover costs associated with group activities.

Mr. Bojko attended the discussion on behalf of TD Bank was presented with a Boys To Men t-shirt. “What a fantastic group of young men. The leadership provided to them by the NYSD staff members will serve them well and will help prepare them for future endeavors.  TD Bank is extremely proud to support this group and their efforts.” 

For More Information About NYSD’s Boys To Men Group Click Here
New York School for the Deaf also has an established Girls To Women group.

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