TWIST at Fanwood!

2015-3-27 TWIST StudentsJaidaTWISTMarchCongratulations to last week’s TWIST students of the week! This group of students made us proud by being Thoughtful, Wise, Independent, Safe, and Together as a team!

Every Friday during the morning meeting teachers select a student of the week. The student who is chosen is one who follows TWIST behavior expectations. Teachers use the acronym TWIST to help the students remember the behavior expectations.

– Thoughtful
W – Wise
I – Independent
S – Safe
T – Together

TWIST was chosen because it is related to tornadoes, which is the New York School for the Deaf (Fanwood) mascot. Click here for more pictures of TWIST at Fanwood.

Positive Behavior Interventions Support (PBIS)
Maintaining a positive school environment is very important to the teachers and staff members at NYSD. We believe in using proactive strategies to define, teach, and support appropriate student behaviors in order to create a positive school environment.

Positive Behavior Interventions Support (PBIS) is a research-based, school-wide approach to teaching positive behavior to all students.  New York School for the Deaf follows a framework that allows for acknowledgement of students who follow the rules and display appropriate behaviors.

NYSD Is Committed to the Importance of Reading and Writing Achievement!

This year, Scholastic Book FairIMG_3431 sales exceeded our expectations, and our students were very excited about all the books they saw! We hope you were able to visit NYSD’s Book Fair this year and see the wonderful Art Work that our students created. The Library lobby was transformed into an Underwater World, with life size dolphins and whales swimming and fish dangling from the ceiling and walls. It was truly a spectacular sight!

If you were unable to attend, please be sure to VIEW PICTURES from this year’s event…you’ll see that we have some talented student artists!

Book Fair Coordinator, Ellen Miller, is so thankful to all the parents and community members for their support. New York School for the Deaf, and Ellen are working on bigger and more exciting programs for our Fall 2015 Book Fair.

NYSD is committed to the importance of reading and writing achievement!

Your Calls Are Making A Difference! Three More Calls Today Will Help Even More!

2011-03-29 blue-grey-logoThank you to all of you who picked up the phone to help last week; your calls made an impact on the Assembly…now we need to urge the Senate.

As you know, New York School for the deaf, Fanwood, has not gotten an increase in funding for six years. So many of you have offered to help over the years and now you can.

We were just notified that the Senate and Assembly have passed their “One House” budget bills. The Assembly has recommended a 2.4% to the 4201 Schools (we asked for 4.8%) The Senate – unfortunately – did not include any increase.

Now, it is really important that we urge the Senate to also recommend an increase to 4201 Schools.

How you can help: Today, we ask you to make 3 short calls, starting with your Senator. If you do not know your Senator’s name or number, go to On the left, you can put in your home zip code and it will give you the name and phone number for their Albany and District office.   You should to call their District office. (Sample message below)

1. Call your own Senator in their District Office.
2. Call Senator Andrea Stewart Cousins (NYSD is in her District) 914 423- 4031
3. Call Senator Skelos, the Majority Leader in the Senate 518 455-3171

Please keep these calls going throughout the day; together we can do this, we need to get that increase, and it will benefit the students tremendously.

Sample Message:
Please ask to speak directly with the Senator.  He/She will not be available.  Ask for the Senator to return your call and leave your contact information.  Then ask if you can leave a message for the Senator.

Please let the Senator know that I am calling to express my deep disappointment that the Senate one-house budget does nothing to address the challenges facing 4201 schools and fails to provide an increase for 2015-2016.  Thank     you.  I look forward to speaking with the Senator.

This call to action is only for TODAY, March 13, 2015.   We expect to receive over action alerts next week; we will keep you posted on how you can help. We need to work together to make this happen and thank you for supporting our students!

Thank You!

Celebrating 100 Days of School

IMG_9017On Thursday, February 26th, our younger students were finally able to celebrate their 100th day of school! In preparation for this special day, our Lower School students decorated leaves to represent “100”.

Students were very creative in their decorations, and presented their leaves to each other at the beginning of the celebration. Some students also presented about what they have learned in 100 days of school, and what they would do if they had $100.

Afterward, students participated in stations lead by enrichment teachers related to movement, art, and ASL! Happy 100th day of school!


One Quick Call Can Make A Big Difference – How You Can Help

As you know, New York2011-03-29 blue-grey-logo School for the deaf, Fanwood, has not gotten an increase in funding for six years. So many of you have offered to help over the years and now you can.

Please help by joining us in asking the Assembly to include New York School for the Deaf and other 4201 schools in the 4.8% funding increase that public schools receive.

All you have to do is make a call to the Speaker of the Assembly, Speaker Heastie. Phone # 518-455-4800

This is what you can say:

“I’m calling from New York School for the Deaf, I would like to ask Speaker Heastie to support a 4.8% increase for the 4201 Schools this year. Also, please allocate money for deferred capital needs.  We’ve been flat-funded for 6 years.   We really need his support. 

We are not asking for more than anyone else.  Schools for blind, deaf and physically-disabled need equality with other schools this year.”

Please share this information with your family members and friends…they can call too!
Thank you for your support!