Fanwood Welcomes Sunshine 2.0 for Deaf Awareness Week

In honor of the 2016 Deaf Awareness Week, Fanwood was thrilled to welcome RIT/NTID’s Sunshine 2.0!2016 Deaf Awareness Week

The talented group performed for the students and staff members AND provided workshops and activities
highlighting Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), Literacy, Deaf Culture and American Sign Language.


White Plains, NY September 2016New York School for the Deaf, also known as Fanwood, commemorates Deaf Awareness Week (DAW) through events and activities with the goal of raising awareness about the Deaf Community, Deaf Culture, and Deaf History.

In a kick-off presentation to students and staff members, Superintendent, Dr. Harold Mowl, shared that “celebrating Deaf Awareness Week cultivates a sense of pride in our students; pride in themselves, and their culture. This is an opportunity for communities all around the world to recognize the language, culture, and experiences of Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals.”

In honor of the School’s upcoming 200th Anniversary, “Fanwood Deaf History & Culture” will be a recurring theme threaded throughout each activity. Deaf Jeopardy competitions and a campus-wide Scavenger Hunt are planned for later in the week. Students will also have the opportunity to share their summer experience at various leadership and development camps, and Fanwood will host a panel discussion with professionals in the Deaf community.

2016-hc-banner-finalThe week’s activities will culminate in a school-wide Pep Rally, in anticipation of the Homecoming games this weekend. Fanwood’s Volleyball and Soccer teams will compete against American School for the Deaf (ASD), on Saturday, September 24, 2016. There is an added edge to the Homecoming festivities this year, as ASD is nearing their 200th Anniversary, too. Both schools are looking forward to a friendly, but fierce, competition.

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